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Fecha : 20/06/2012

European Seafood Exposition 2012

In April 2012, the world's largest fishing meeting was held in Brussels - Belgium: the European Seafood Exposition 2012 (ESE). It is recognized as the most important fair worldwide for the sector of hydrobiological products of direct human consumption, which is attended by buyers and exhibitors from 140 different countries.

An important feature of this fair is the visitor's quality, since the attendees have decision-making power in the purchases. Thus, the figures of the fair reflect that:

• 79% of visitors decide on purchases

• 84% of visitors are looking for new products

• 75% of visitors plan to buy products or services as a result of their participation in the fair

Why Europe?

Europe is one of the main fishing markets. In 2011, non-traditional fisheries exports amounted to US $ 310 million, which represented 30% of the total non-traditional exports, up 23% compared to the previous year.

Importantly, the export value reached in 2011 was a historic record in this area.

Among the countries with the highest demand, Spain (44%), France (30%), Italy (9%) and Germany (5%) stand out.

It should be noted that the European block is quite diversified in its demand and among the main products demanded highlight frozen pota in different presentations, such as raw fillet, pre-cooked tentacles, rings and frozen raisins; Frozen conch shells, whole prawns, whole and frozen trout, packaged anchovies, anchovy preserves, frozen hake, frozen horse mackerel, among others.

Peruvian Participation

The Peruvian presentation, located in Hall 7, was made up of 18 exhibiting companies located at the PROMPERU booth and 11 exhibiting companies located at the stand organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lima and the National Society of Industries, that is, counted With 29 Peruvian companies exhibiting, becoming the largest Peruvian representation attending a fair in the fishing sector abroad.

Results obtained:

The European Seafood Exposition is the most important trade fair in the fishing sector in the world, therefore it brings together a large number of companies representing the sector.

It is also the international event that brings together the largest number of fishing entrepreneurs in the world and also the one with the highest sales and contact results.

94% of the participating companies in Peru are considered to be excellent and good for the generation of new businesses. Likewise, 100% of the attending companies agreed that they will attend the event next year and finally, 94% of the Peruvian exhibitors qualified for the level of contacts achieved as good and excellent.

Source: E-Market: Market Intelligence Magazine • Publication # 005. PROMPERU

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